Not Helpless!!

June 21, 2012

It’s easy for me to feel helpless in the face of the current state of our world but I am not. It’s also a pattern of mine to get the sense that I can’t do much and as a result decide to do nothing. Additionally, it’s very difficult to be on the other side of popular beliefs; a place I inhabit most of the time so I shy away and begin to wonder if I’m just being contrary.

I don’t have a Facebook page, I’m not a patriot, I don’t believe in god, I clearly don’t think that a positive attitude is always a good thing, I do believe that racism is as bad as ever in our country, I prefer government to big corporations, I believe deeply that, in a competitive society, the winners have to help the non-winners. I despise the idea that our society is being controlled by the financial services sector and that their earnings represent 41% of domestic corporate profits (double what it was in the 90’s). We know that can’t be a good thing; it’s just one of those things we know; it makes no sense, they produce nothing. The function of a bank is to distribute capital where needed to improve the society in which it operates and to make a reasonable profit for its shareholders, not to accumulate all the wealth of society and distribute same to its executives and owners.

I am clearly a social liberal but I don’t believe in wasting resources. We have an underclass in this society and it is in the best interest of all of us to admit that and to determine to do something about it.  We now seem to have a very strange cabal between the very rich and the poor aimed at further diminishing the power of the middle people. The rich are buying ads that tell the poor that public service employees are the reason they can’t succeed and that, if we break up organizations like the teacher’s union their taxes will be lower and all we be well. I don’t particularly care for large unions either but the idea that teachers, cops and fire fighters are the source of the woes of the lower middle class is the height of absurdity. What utter nonsense.

Let’s get creative and look into Public Banks similar to the system in North Dakota where all public revenue is deposited in in their public bank. Check out . This bank was formed back in 1919 when the farmers and other locals decided to cut out the national bankers and grain dealers that were trying to manipulate their commodity prices. Check out also for some ideas on how this might work in all states.

I apologize for this BLOG being all over the place and not focused. My mind is pretty scattered these days.

Posted June 21, 2012

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