May 15, 2012


My old copy of  "Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary" defines a thug as a "brutal ruffian or assassin"……..simple enough; so why is it that I frequently hear NBA basketball players referred to as thugs while never hearing that label applied to NHL hockey players?


In the NBA a flagrant foul or fist fight can lead to huge fines and suspensions while a brawl in the NHL is celebrated as part of the game.


What do you think?


Posted May 15, 2012


One reason why I don’t watch hockey…

As we know this has everything to do with the long history of racial stereotypes in the sports world. In fact there was a BIG fight at a Devils game in Newark last week where white guys were drunk and fighting and one child was even hit over the head with a bottle but this did not make the news or the Star Ledger. Ask if I am surprised at all and what would have happened had that been a Nets game.

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