I Believe

Jeremy Lin is a Christian who credits his god with aligning the strange sequence of happenings leading to his shocking stardom as point guard for the New York Knicks.  During the pro football season there was another god loving, unexplained phenom named Tim Tebow although he had achieved stardom during his college career.

I no longer believe in a personal god but I do believe something happens when people are able to align themselves wholly toward their objectives.  Imagine a critical mass of people focusing on peace in the world or on healing our planet or ending starvation.  We know that war will eventually lead to the destruction of the earth but do we believe that we can end war.  I do.  We, at least many of us, believe that man caused climate change can destroy mother earth but do we believe that we can turn this tide by creating a renewable source or sources of energy.  I do.  We know that we can end starvation but do we believe we will do what needs to be done?  I do.  

How can I believe that miracles like these will take place given the history of the world to date?  It’s simple; believing otherwise leads to despair which is the end of hope.  People like Gandhi and Martin Luther King had no room for despair.  They persevered and others joined them and time went on and still more joined them and, eventually, change happened.  The cry of those wanting change was too loud to ignore and the shift occurred.

The question now becomes what am I going to do to lend myself to the accomplishment of one or all of these goals.  I can continue to write these little pieces and try to replace the anger I feel with love and understanding and I can look for opportunities to do more and to lend my voice where it might help.  I will continue to trust what Gandhi said; “what you do will make very little difference but it is important that you do it.” I believe we will reach this critical mass and that we will change to a peaceful, caring humanity and I believe that because I, like everyone else, can see the alternative which is horror beyond imagination.

The social anthropologist Margaret Mead is famous for having declared; “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

Posted February 23, 2012

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