Don’t Bend

February 17, 2011

A quote from the writings of Franz Kafka popped up on my home internet page today, it said: “Don’t bend; don’t water it down; don’t try to make it logical; don’t edit your own soul according to fashion.  Rather, follow your most intense obsession mercilessly.”

I don’t know if I can follow that advice with the fire advocated by Kafka but I do feel the need to stick ever more tightly to my principles regardless of the barrages thrown at us Progressives/Liberals.  I listen to the news proclaiming that we are a bankrupt nation and that the expenses we need to cut are the so called entitlements.  These “entitlements” are the benefits we have guaranteed to the financially insecure whom we have left behind.  We are a ruthlessly competitive society and, as such, there are many who do not win and are thus left out of the spoils splitting.  Our claim that we are a caring people is not backed up by our constant beating down of the less fortunate members of our society.  The current House budget proposal seeks to remove funds from the Healthy Start program which aids poor mothers and their infants.  If our purpose is to pick on the defenseless, infants are a good place to start.

When are we going to stop nurse-maiding major industrial and agricultural corporations and banks?  How can I find out how many billions of dollars are given to these industrial behemoths each year?  How much of our half trillion dollar defense budget goes to corporations for weapons we don’t need just because their plants are in powerful congressional districts?  When are our congress people going to start wearing NASCAR uniforms with patches from their industrial sugar daddies sewn on their chests? 

My intense obsession is that I know that we citizens of this great experiment must speak our truth in the face of the “facts” that rain down on us from corporate and government liars.  Don’t tell me that health care can’t be managed by Medicare less expensively than by insurance companies.  Don’t tell me that the government shouldn’t negotiate pricing with big pharma.

I know that the pension systems of many state and municipal governments are being manipulated so fix them and stop the stealing.  But I also know that many of the investments they were talked into during the recent go-go years were extortionist and should be prosecuted.  We focus on the cheating pensioners but they’re small time compared to the big bank thieves.  We focus on them because it’s easier to pick on the little guy and especially so when the big guy is lining your pockets and is well on his way to owning all the media.  And speaking of media the house budget is recommending that funding for the Public Broadcasting System should be eliminated.

I can’t do much about these injustices but I can follow Gandhi’s direction that says: “Whatever you do may seem insignificant to you, but it is very important that you do it.”

Posted February 24, 2011


Amen! We have been dallying with the idea of joining a rally in downtown Chicago on Saturday in support of our Wisconsin neighbors. You just helped us make up my minds. Thank you.

Rather than rage at unspecified instances of extortionist investments, why not focus on some things more specific? The Public Broadcasting System is a good rallying point. How about setting income limits for receiving (but no limit on paying into) Social Security benefits? How about setting income limits on receiving government sponsored health programs? How about steeply graduated and greatly extended taxes for these program? Tax political contributions by corporations, unions and other organizations over a certain size. Publicize BOLDLY all such contributions. Make routing contributions through individuals or exempt organizations a criminal offense. Put Phil McGee in charge!


How was the demonstration in Chicago. Your Wisconsin neighbors are still at it and it’s great to see. Maybe the fuse that was lighted by the people of Tunisia will continue to go viral and begin to deal with the disparities here.

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