Cablevision vs. Fox

October 19, 2010

The so called battle between these two media giants will have winners and losers.  And to the surprise of no one the winners will be both Cablevision and Fox and probably a few non participants like Verizon FIOS and others.  The losers will be the “viewing public” who will be paying more and more for television, a service which was free only three decades ago.

Are we to actually believe that these two behemoths are really at odds with each other?  I for one do not believe it for a minute.  I won’t go so far as to call it a conspiracy because you know what they say about conspiracy theorists and I certainly don’t care to be numbered among them.

I believe it’s simply another case of one giant corporation feigning war with another for the sole purpose of increasing revenue without increasing cost or service.  It’s sort of like the little make believe battles between the drug companies and the insurance carriers.  When the dust settles we the people pay more for less and the corporations show bigger and bigger profits.

O bla di, O bla da life goes on………

Posted October 19, 2010

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We have witnessed this form of orchestrated “battle” in oligopolies for as long as I have been alive, which is quite some time. The “combatants” typically dance in symbiotic bliss, unaware of the world outside their hermetically sealed environment until it is too late. Two such “combatants” were the American auto manufacturers and the Detroit labor unions. Management granted (and participated in) fantastic benefits to the workers, while passing along without risk the costs to the American consumer. By the time the auto companies realized there was a world (specifically Japan, but later everywhere) outside their world it was too late. Amrerican labor costs and rigid work rules condemned us to also rans - and untimately bankruptcies.
Perhaps you and I are too old to see it, but ultimately THE FORCE, some outside force, will break apart Fox/Cablevision if they get too lazy and too greedy.

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