Solar Panels on Every Roof

June 24, 2010

Why not and, while we’re at it, why not foster the creation of thousands of small businesses to install them and why not offer these businesses a central source for purchasing the panels?

I’m thinking about a not for profit organization whose ultimate purpose is to install solar panels on every roof and to help hundreds of people get into their own businesses.  This organization will purchase the panels and offer training to the budding entrepreneurs in the installation of the panels.  Consulting services will be offered to the new business owners in accounting, sales and other business practices.

The not for profit entity will continually research the solar industry for the best panels, inverters and monitoring systems to ensure that the installing entrepreneurs are armed with the best equipment and information as they accomplish the goal of “Solar Panels on Every Roof”.

The not for profit will monitor all renewable energy incentive programs offered by federal and state governments as well as keeping all participants apprised of federal investment tax credits and other programs as they become available.  The not for profit will maintain a web site offering cost estimates to potential clients and will direct those interested to the entrepreneur installer closest to them.

I’m really looking for comments here as I’m stumped as to what to do next.  We have all heard the talk about our addiction to fossil based energy and I don’t want to simply add to the conversation.

Posted June 28, 2010


What exactly is the goal? To replace local power supply? To replace part of local power supply? To reduce the DC-AC-DC super wasteful conversions we all go through when we use any sort of electronic device? I may be able to help with the latter, but inn any case, we need a starting focal point…

Not very aware

The thought is to start something with the ultimate goal of eliminating the use of fossil fuels. It’s very clear to me that great ideas almost always come from individuals or small groups and that this might be a way to set up a bunch of small businesses that might ultimately lead to huge innovation. Absent the innovation these businesses will be making a contribution to the reduction of the use of fossil fuels.

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