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March 30, 2010

When it becomes clear to people that my political leanings are distinctly liberal I am often asked how that can be when I am a business owner hoping to make a profit.  It’s an interesting question to which I’ve given a lot of thought.  It seems to me to be the only fair way to think in a competitive society such as ours.  The nature of competition ensures that there will be winners and losers. 

I’ve been fortunate from birth.  I was born to parents who loved and cared for me and did all they could to provide me with opportunity.  I am the eldest of eight children and we’ve all done reasonably well although we were raised in a home that was, at best, economically challenged.  We all attended a Catholic grammar school which was successful in giving us the basis of a good education.  We all read well and graduated from that school with strong basic math skills.  We were prepared to move ahead educationally.  Most attended really good high schools and colleges and those of us who didn’t had no one but ourselves to blame. 

I am very fortunate to be a partner in a small printing company in Jersey City and, as a result, I employ people who have not done nearly as well economically as I have.  I believe that my position in the company brings with it a serious responsibility for the welfare of my employees.  I’ve done well largely as a result of birth and circumstance and most of these people have not had the same advantages I have had.  Furthermore, were it not for them I would not have the life I have.  My profit comes from their labor, pure and simple.

I believe that proper food and shelter and access to good health care and education are human rights and that our American society has an obligation to provide them to the less fortunate among us.


Posted April 1, 2010

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Well said. There is nothing incompatible between what you said and running a competetivly successful, profitable business. Indeed, they go together, as the positive relationships your approach engenders also pays off financially through employees, and customers, who then trust you and feel engaged and motivated.

Makes a ton if sense.

Charlie Green

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