The recent upgrade of the software that manages "mytruthsite" has caused some things to change. One of those things is that anyone who wishes to comment has to register by clicking the "Please sign in to comment" link on the entry pages. 

Now, being the external approval junkie that I am, I love comments.  I even love them when they disagree with a point of view I might hold so please comment if only to let me know that your receiving my occasional missives.

Posted January 28, 2010


Keep the comments coming!

I comment: Don’t you love technology?

Just wanted to say I really enjoy your posts.

I posted a comment ages ago - which with hindsight wasn’t great and ultimately pleased you didn’t post but I did wonder if you got it… don’t suppose either of us will know now as it was so long ago.

Anyway did just want to say how much I enjoy your site.

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