July 27, 2009

“Each well struck golf shot strikes a balance between the conscious and the unconscious. This balance seems to occur and doesn’t appear to be able to be summoned; it must simply be allowed. All we can do is set the stage.” I wrote this last year while thinking about the ingredients of a good shot and the critical importance of the set-up; the position of the ball relative to the feet, the grip, the flex in the knees, the spine angle and most of all the state of the mind.

Golfers often say that the game is a microcosm for life and perhaps this is what they mean. Golf results are dependent on preparation and state of mind and so is life.

I found early in life that state of mind was almost always dependent on preparation. I remember the days when I attended class actually having done my homework. I was confident on those days and looked forward to pop quizzes or questions from the teacher. The other days, days when I hadn’t done the assignments, were uncomfortable and fear filled.

I’ve also learned that preparation, necessary though it is, doesn’t guarantee the result we’re looking for. We’re simply in charge of the process and the results are absolutely out of our control. Preparation is that thing that increases the odds of a favorable outcome. So as a former Boy Scout I think I’ll try to live by their motto, “Be Prepared”.

Posted July 27, 2009


Who could argue with that? Not me. I do, though, find it hard to live like that. I try and at times get there and it is great.

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