July 27, 2009

Cynical people are considered to be deeply distrustful, not in one area or another but in general. I have been called a cynic by many and I wear the title proudly when it comes to the corporate rulers of our country but I am definitely not a cynic in the broad sense of the word. I have faith in myself and, more often than not, in human nature.

George Bernard Shaw said that “the power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who haven’t got it”. Now I can’t claim that my observation regarding the takeover of our country by major corporations and banks is completely accurate but I believe it. I am a bit more than a casual observer of the goings on in Washington and I know that our representatives are being influenced by those they are supposed to be monitoring. Why is the FDA run by big food and pharma people? Why is the SEC run by retired stock brokers?

I know why! It’s because the elected folks in Washington have ceded their responsibility to the industries they’re supposed to be regulating while telling us that these businesses are so complicated that the only people who can control them are those who construct the complications. What utter nonsense. If it’s too complicated to understand, simplify it. If it’s too big to fail shrink it. What’s so difficult?

Regarding health care, why not a single payer system? I know why! It’s because the insurance and drug companies own Washington. They say they love capitalism but they really don’t. The capitalism I’ve been a part of for more than 40 years thrives on competition and these cowards are afraid of competing with the government because they know they’ll get their clocks cleaned. These insurance companies (I refuse to call them health care companies) are not even insurance companies. They are a group of rate setters whose perfect world would be zero claims. That’s why they don’t want you if you’re sick. That’s why they lie about the Canadian system where all people have access to care.

I’m going to continue to rail against these greedy people who call themselves our representatives and to look for ways to change the direction of this once wonderful nation. We used to be able to recognize our sins and make corrections but as we give up our rights to these corporate behemoths the changes we need to make will become far beyond our reach and we will go the way of all previous empires.

Posted July 27, 2009

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