The Small Business Lie

March 2, 2009

I am a small business person and, although I’m only a sample of one, I’m sick and tired of hearing conservative politicians talk about how the Obama tax plan will hurt me. I have no problem paying taxes because when I pay them it means that I’ve made a profit. Over the years it’s become clearer and clearer to me that major corporations only want us small business types around so they can push some of their expenses off on us.

Each year the so called “Health Care Industry” which has nothing to do with health care but is actually a group of insurance companies whose goal is to pay as few claims as they can get away with. As a small business the increase sought by our health insurance carrier each year over the last ten or so years has been about 18%. Now I don’t know for sure but I suspect that doesn’t happen to major corporations. My suspicion is that we, the small business community, make up for the increases not pushed onto the major corporations.

As a small business person I’m in constant contact with the people who work in my company and I care about them. I know that without them I would not have a business nor would I be able to live the life style that I do. I am grateful to them and I am told they are grateful to me and my partner as well. My partner and I do not earn the monstrous multiples of the average salaries of our workers. We’re not heroes but we would consider it unconscionable to earn 50 times the wage of our lowest paid worker.

We are entrepreneurs and capitalists, not socialists. We simply know that every success we enjoy has been the result of people in our company doing a good job for our client base.

I love what the Obama administration is attempting to do. I do not consider it insidious to attempt, through tax law, to modestly redistribute the wealth of our country. I do not consider the word entitlement to be a curse. I want the economically disadvantaged in our world to have a “preferential option”. I’m a red blooded, liberal, American business person and I say to our President; go get ‘em Mr. President, I’m rooting for you.

Posted March 2, 2009


amen and right on

Yah!! and I’m sending this on to my friends who are concerned to get a single payer health plan enacted. Mlgt. Keyes

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