February 19, 2009

I love it when seeming unrelated things happen at the same time. Early this week a drug crazed, pet chimpanzee attacked a friend of its owner and severely injured her. During the attack the owner called 911 and the police came and killed the chimp.

The following day the New York Post published a cartoon featuring two policemen shooting and killing a chimpanzee with one of the policemen saying “I wonder who they’ll get to write the next stimulus package”. The Reverend Al Sharpton immediately condemned the paper for allowing such a racist cartoon to be printed. I initially thought, here he goes again creating a racial situation out of nothing; forgetting that the author of the package was none other than our new, black President and that racists have, forever, referred to blacks as monkeys. Sharpton was right. He has been a racism screamer for years and has been branded a demagogue and I don’t like him but I have to admit that he’s been right. I know that racism is as bad as it’s ever been in our country and my automatic dislike of Sharpton suggests that I’m not immune. How could I be “I was carefully taught”.

As that cartoon was being published, our new US Attorney General, Eric Holder, who is black was giving a talk commemorating Black History Month in which he said that we are a nation of cowards regarding discussions on race between blacks and whites. He was roundly condemned which, for me, indicates that he too was right.

A day or two later Tony Dungy the former coach of the Indianapolis Colts of the NFL and a Super Bowl winner wrote an Op-Ed in the NY Times in which he pointed out that of the top 20 college football teams in our nation none has a black head coach while more than 50% of the players are black. He wondered if the reason was that the alumni might not be pleased if a black coach was appointed. I don’t wonder!

I have tried to have conversations with black friends about the racist tendencies within our country and it’s not easy but it is getting easier and I plan to continue because, as Gandhi said, “whatever you do may seem insignificant to you but it is most important that you do it”.

Posted February 23, 2009


YES,” as Gandhi said, “whatever you do may seem insignificant to you but it is most important that you do it”.”

Carl Jung had a term for seemingly unrelated things happening at the same time: Synchronicity. It is a remarkable phenomenon, perhaps evidence of an Animus Mundi?

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