What is a Hero?

I am not a hero in any sense of the word and I don’t say that to put myself down. It’s just a fact. I was draftable during the American invasion of Vietnam and did my best to avoid military service. I went to school in pursuit of a degree in engineering and, as a result, was awarded a 2S student deferment. I did not seek that deferment because I was against the invasion. I simply did not want to serve in the military. In truth I had no idea why we invaded Vietnam or even where it was and didn’t really care.

John McCain is referred to and automatically accepted in our nation as a hero but what did he do to deserve the designation? From what I understand he dropped bombs and other lethal weapons on people on the ground during an illegal invasion/war that we referred to as a conflict. He was then captured by the people he was bombing and, we are told, placed in a “box” for five years. Imagine what we would have done to a man we caught dropping bombs on the U.S.

This “hero” is now running for President of the US and claiming that his activities as a warrior and POW uniquely qualify him, above all others, to be President of our country.

By the way, some years ago I read an article written by a Vietnamese person who referred to our invasion there as “The American War”. It chilled me to read what I had always thought of as the “Vietnam War” called “The American War” but it was right. We invaded their country based once again on trumped up fears. We were then told that “The Red Menace” was trying to control the world. We’re now being told that “Islamist Fundamentals” are trying to kill us because they hate our way of life.

I swore off “Kool-Aid” a long time ago with regard to the nonsense put forth by our current administration and John McCain seems hell bent to continue the fear based bellicosity of W, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al.

My heroes are Jesus (the man, not the god), Gandhi, Martin Luther King and other people who I meet going through life doing the right thing.

Posted October 27, 2008

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The only heros I know are the United States Marines.

Ghandi, Martin Luther King or Christ the man I have never met. Abraham Lincoln is not my hero. Obama could be my hero but probably will not be unless he does a 360 on NAFTA, amensty for illegals and 360 on the continuation of most favored nation trading status for China.

Democrates have historically been the party of protectionism until Clinton took the party to the right of its existing position.

Let me be your hero if just for one day.

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