September, October 2007

A week or so ago after hearing yet another story about the unfair and probably illegal activities of our government I uttered, “I hate this country”. I didn’t mean it but I am tremendously disappointed. Actually I’m disgusted. We, as a nation, seem to be incapable of the truth. We claim the moral high ground while stealing the resources and killing the people of countries we declare as evil.

I am told that the young soldiers and marines in Iraq are keeping me safe and preserving my liberty and I know it’s a lie. I think of these young people killing and being killed and I feel sick. They are told that they’re protecting us from these vicious people who want to kill us and I suppose that’s easy to believe when you’re constantly attacked by snipers and IED’s. I believe that our government is wasting the courage, the beauty, the youth and ultimately the lives of these well meaning people. I believe that this action in Iraq is making us less safe rather than protecting us.

I imagine that it’s easy to forget that we invaded a country on false pretenses, that we’re not in a war; we’re an invading force now occupying the nation we invaded. Our forces have killed untold thousands of Iraqi citizens and we, me included, stand by and do nothing. As we continue to support our elected officials, republicans and democrats alike, we are complicit in their every misdeed.

The twenty or so people who are running for the presidency talk only about how and when we should get out of Iraq and never seem to look for the lessons. I want them to talk about how we will go forward and avoid another invasion. I know in my heart that these invasions that we brazenly call wars are always generated by fear. We’re fearful that we’ll lose our ability to extract their oil and, therefore, have to reduce our unsustainable way of life.

We hear that Islamic terrorists want us all dead and that therefore we should give up our freedoms. We’re told we must forego our rights so that this administration can better protect us. I don’t believe it. We’re outsourcing our military to corporations and we’re told that it’s necessary. I don’t believe it. We’re told that we can deliver Democracy to other nations. I don’t believe it.

I do believe that we can regain our stature in the world as a caring, moral people but not until we again become a caring, moral people. As long as we stand aside and not speak truth to these lies we are not caring, moral people. I’m going to keep telling my truth as I see it. I believe what Gandhi said;”First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” As I write what I believe I feel like I’m doing something and it makes me want to do more.

Posted October 21, 2007


We (you, me, everyone of us) have to keep RESPONDING to the here-now point, small choice by small choice. We also have to remember the little man behind the curtain, instead of being intimidated by the POWER mask booming voice of the Wizard of OZ on stage.

There is nothing new under the sun. I honestly have my hands full with me trying to be as loving as I can be. And the rest leaves me knowing how small I am.



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