“An erection lasting more than four hours is unusual but may occur. If it does, please consult your physician.” Is it Cialis objective to make us teenagers again since that was a time of constant erection? I don’t think so but I do believe they have another objective and so do the Viagra and Levitra teams. I think their objective is simply to sell more product and they can do that by increasing market share or, as is the case with so many drug products, they can increase the size of the market.

I believe they are attempting to generate fear of impotence in the minds of American men sure in the knowledge that this fear will cause the impotence they are trying to generate. They tell us that impotence is natural and OK and that tough guys like race car drivers and football players even need help rising to the occasion.

Sounds cynical right? I’m often labeled a cynic by friends and I look at it carefully and sometimes agree but in this case, if I’m being cynical, I think I’m in accord with George Bernard Shaw’s definition. He said that “The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who haven’t got it”. Now, back to my thesis that these companies are attempting to cause more impotence. Isn’t it the goal of every corporation to increase profits and aren’t profit increases hard to come by without revenue gains? Normally, the only way to do that is to increase market share but the drug companies have another tool. That tool is fear. Utilizing fear in the name of curing ills like ED they can grow the size of the market. “When the time is right, will you be ready?”

My sense is that the Cialis, Viagra and Levitra marketers are microcosmically related to our current federal government. They both use fear to achieve their objectives. The corporations use it to increase market size and the administration uses it to ensure reelection. Our executive branch floods us with terms like terror and WMD and many become terrified and impotent. They become reactors and followers and stop thinking for themselves. They stop questioning premises and devolve into lemmings, following the leader without thought.

Am I a cynic or maybe a conspiracy theorist? Maybe so but this is how I see it and I will continue to say what I believe.

Posted September 4, 2007


keep up the great work.I enjoy reading your blog.The student newspaper at my alma mater,the university of vermont,the name of the paper is”the cynic”

Phil, I agree with your perceptions about the way many companies, and especially our current government, use fear as a tool to cloud reason and logic. You might enjoy reading Gore’s “The Assualt on Reason” - he dedicated quite a few pages to this subject. One can only hope that as a people we will find our way back from fear driven government.

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