I walked into Whole Foods on Saturday morning as I do on most Saturdays to pick up some scones and whatever else we might need/want. Whole Foods is clearly not about need. My daughter Susan calls it “Whole Check” because of the high prices.

I used to really like and actually admire this company. They seemed to be about bringing healthy products to the market place and I also liked that they offered many products manufactured by small, quality minded concerns. They were, in my mind, one of those rare, “good citizen” companies. Their employees were helpful and appeared pleasant which usually indicates that they’re being well treated. I just liked everything about the place.

My feelings began to change a couple of years ago when I noticed that some of the products Rosie and I enjoyed were being replaced by the Whole Foods brand; something they call “345”. The products under this brand weren’t as good and they were no less expensive. Last month it came to light that John Mackey, the Whole Foods CEO and founder, who had the reputation of a really good, high minded, involved person was publishing a BLOG whose purpose was to downgrade his largest competitor, Wild Oats, for the purpose of lowering their stock price to make his take over bid more attractive.

Back to this past Saturday; in the store entrance was a huge display of bottled water. This was no ordinary bottled water. It was in clear plastic bottles and it came from New Zealand. I was astounded, I’m in a store of this alleged environmentally sensitive company and they’re importing bottled water from New Zealand! Try to imagine how much fossil fuel it takes to transport a case of this stuff from beyond “down under”. Still boggled I entered the main store only to be confronted with a sign reading “What’s Local?”: obviously not the water they were hawking in the entrance.

Hypocrite that I am I’m really tired of corporate hypocrisy. Whole Foods, that friend of the environment and of all things natural is just another corporate deceiver interested in growth at any cost.

Posted August 16, 2007


How big is YOUR carbon footprint! I buy Poland Springs, but then I refill th bottles….

Here’s a link to the story on WFMI’s hardball strategy to take over Wild Oats:

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