I played golf at the world famous Doral Resort yesterday. I had heard about it for years and was really looking forward to it.

Today is January 22, 2007 and I titled this piece and wrote the above sentences in March of ’06. I still remember why I thought of the place as a jail. The first thing you do is pass through a gate to get on the premises and drive down a road to the reception area where you’re asked which course you are going to play. You are then directed to the pro shop where you get your ticket which needs to be presented to the starter. Not one of the people who questions you treats you as a guest. I felt like an intruder in spite of the ridiculous green fees. Off to the locker room to change shoes and out to the first tee. We played the “Gold Course” and not the fabled “Blue Monster” where the views were of a city in need of a bath.

Immediately after hitting the first tee shot the jail thought popped into my head. The fairways are lined with one and two story condos which are exactly alike and most of the people who live there walk around as if they are shackled. And they are, they’re shackled to a belief system that tells them that “they’ve made it”. They live in this very expensive nursing home for the currently ambulatory.

Maybe I should retitle this LIAJ because, in actuality, it is the opposite of jail albeit the sense of being locked in is almost palatable. The residents are being protected from the people who live in the city. Their possessions are safe from burglars and looters and can thus be assured to pass on to the next generation who will presumably treasure them and pass them on again. What a life!!

I know this sounds really negative and I guess it is. My problem is that the training that taught me that “they’ve made it” still lives and I’m trying to be rid of it. I know for sure that if I lived in a place like that I would be brain dead within a year and that the anger which haunted me during the 70’s and 80’s would return unbridled. My vision would become myopic and my primary concerns would be for the condition of the golf course, the level of service in the clubhouse, property values, taxes and some other inane nonsense. Deliver me from my imprinting, PLEASE!!!!!!!

Posted May 7, 2007


Negative writing were my thoughts as well. But then I have been know to have a few negative thoughts myself.

I thought about the brick walkway that ran from the Chapel Gate cross campus to the barracks where I would be spending my first night in military school. I walked unknowingly into a life style of discipline, regimentation, education, and enlightenment as to the true nature of people. Leaders are made and don’t succumb well to authority.

I love this entry. For me, it highlights the choices we make about where to put our energy - into what others think or what we feel is right for us. Still, it seems whatever I choose there is a lingering notion that perhaps I should be more like everyone else, especially those who “have made it.” I always recover with the thought that life is short and happiness is free.

Deliver me from my imprinting, yes. I’m gonna borrow that one, it says it just right.

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