God’s Purpose?

I’m a member of a spiritual group where people frequently utter the sentence; “I try to do God’s will in all my affairs”. I struggle with this and other thoughts discussing the will of a human creation that is assumed to be a supernatural being. Is this God Jesus, his father, Vishnu or any one, or more, of thousands of these inventions dreamt up to make us toe some line or just to make us feel good? I don’t think so but I certainly don’t know.

I am certain of my uncertainty and I seek comfort in it. Certainty used to be my harbor but thought intervened and swamped it leaving me with nagging questions. I’m feeling now like someone looking down on these believers and feeling not just a bit superior and it isn’t sitting well with me. After all who am I to believe that my non-belief is better than their strict adherence?

I guess my gripe is more with certainty as regards behavior supposedly dictated by a supreme being. And this gripe is ever more intense in this time of horrible unrest whose fire, I believe, is abetted and even fanned by certainty. We have suicide bombers and retaliators. We have nuclear nations attempting to prevent others from becoming nuclear…based on what? It looks like the basis is certainty that the moral nature of the nuclear nation is superior to that of the non-nuclear.

I recently came across a quote attributed to Voltaire which says that “doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is absurd”. I like that, it pretty much sums up how I feel about the certainty of fundamentalists of any stripe.

Posted May 7, 2007


Thank God someone finally brought this paradox to light!

This reminds me of the story in Mark’s Gospel of Jesus’ healing of the epileptic. Jesus tells the boy’s father that “all things can be done for the one who believes,” to which the father cries out in agony, “I believe; help my unbelief!”

I think I am at a point where I can accept my scepticism, where I can truthfully say that I have a deep and abiding faith that comes and goes – and that’s OK.

What comes to mind is that Rabbi is full up wind too!

Between the mistruth and the truth is acceptance; that I proceed on “blind faith” to receive what is referred to as a “Blessing from God”.

I have accepted the concept of “blind faith” and act accordingly with refreshing results. I do not struggle with the question and ponder the thoughts that trouble the unbeliever’s mind…I accept this and move forward on “blind faith”.

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