Fear, the Only Sin

 July 13, 2014

I’m probably not talking about fear of physical danger but that other kind.  You know it, that feeling that they’re going to find out.  Find out what really goes on inside your head, find out that you’re an idiot, that you’re a fraud.  That fear that you’re going to lose something.  
Maybe I’m also talking about physical fear.  The kind of physical fear that makes us give up our spirits, that makes us violate our principles.  The kind of physical fear that I see running rampant in our world today.  It’s that fear of terrorism, of the suicide bomber or of the bearer of weapons of mass destruction; the kind of physical fear that permeates.  It’s not situational like the fear of the rabid dog.  It stays with us and it allows us to be herded.  It strips us of choice by making us feel as if we need constant protection
Posted July 13, 2014
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